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Africa is expected to be one of the continents hardest hit by climate change with countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Ethiopia, Namibia, Chad, Sudan Mozambique most likely to be the most hit, with an increase in severe droughts, floods and storms expected to threaten the health of populations and economies alike. This we have started witnessing in countries such as Mozambique and Malawi, less than 6 Months in to 2019, two powerful cyclones shooked southern and eastern Africa. Cyclone Idai alone claimed more than 1000 lives with over a dozen missing, according to the United Nations the Idea and Subsequent flooding caused damage worth more than $1 billion in infrastructure only, with at least 1 million hectares of crops smashed with the city of Beira in Mozambique being the most affected, having been destroyed at 80%.

Already the hottest continent, Africa is expected to warm up to 1.5 times faster than the global average, according to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The resultant effect of this are devastating especially for the local and are not limited to hunger and malnutrition, water shortage, malaria, misery and increase level of poverty

This situation is further aggravated by the increasing youth unemployment especially in sub-Saharan Africa, young girls tend to be more disadvantage than young men in access to work and experience. With the size of food and agri-business in Africa set to reach $1trillion we are thus encouraging youths to embark on agriculture.

It’s for the above reason that we are empowering youths to take charge of their future, we are thus prioritizing agribusiness, environmentally friendly and climate smart agriculture. As part of the project we will plant ten million (10.000,000 )fruit and other environmentally friendly trees across, and setting the up of over 1000 school/community gardens across African for a period of 5 years.

AYFSCCA project will target youths from 54 countries across Africa that will champion the campaign on food security and climate change.

This project envisions to cultivate on agribusiness and agricultural enterprise development, sustainable organics farming, actions against food insecurity, environmental waste management

and tree planting exercise through workshops, seminar, and training session in universities/colleges, interactive youth social, society’s stakeholders, diplomats, ambassadors, community groups, religious scholars, and community based organization across Africa. We intends to enroll 500 African youth’s food security and climate change ambassadors, 54 country representative and 100 community development volunteers. Our target is to reached out and impact more than 10 million youths, and thus we are encouraging organizations especially those working with the media, food security, agribusiness, social enterprise, and climate change to become our partner and help us accomplish our goal.

AYFSCCA is an initiative of AYOSA a social enterprise that seek to bring lasting solution to hunger and incidence of malnutrition, provide sustainable pathway to youth employment and community development. We are working to create a single platform where youths can discuss the challenges affecting agriculture, climate change and youth’s unemployment in Africa.

While promoting and instilling the spirit of agribusiness and ensuring a safe environment for all, the African Youth food Security and Climate Change Ambassadors will also focus on two of our major projects across the continent.

1. Green School. The ambassadors will work with our teams and partners across the continent to set up 1000 school and community gardens in their respective communities. (learn more)

2. Green Africa: to effectively implement our dream of a green and hunger free Africa, the Ambassadors will plant over 10 million fruit tree across the continent. (learn more)



  • Certificate of African food security and climate change ambassador.
  • Meet inspirational and like-minded young leaders & strengthen leadership capacity in order to
  • Contribute to innovation and change in your community.
  • Make worldwide connections, expose to a range of experiences and potentially lifelong network of support
  • Opportunity to participate as guest speaker at national and international submits
  • Opportunity to be selected in a food security and climate change exchange program.
  • Opportunity to participate as AYFSCCA representative in talk shows and media programs.

Benefits for Partner Organization:

  • To be a stakeholder in the AYFSCCA project
  • Authority to organize events on the platform of the African youths for sustainable agriculture platform.
  • Chance to represent your organization at national and international level.
  • Chance to represent your organization at national and international level.
  • To lead hundreds of food security and climate change ambassadors of your country.
  • Acknowledgement of partnership on official website of African Youths for Sustainable for international media recognition.
  • Opportunity to organize food security and climate change exchange program.
  • Opportunity to organize food security and climate change exchange program



  • Youth aged between 18-35
  • Commitment towards UN Designated SDGs
  • Highly Motivated and passionate about agriculture and climate change
  • You should be able to vividly explain the innovative ideas on how to bring about change in your country.
  • You should be able to explain your biography and experience in your social engagements. we are looking to find a diverse group of people with different experiences, ideas and backgrounds,
  • Fluent in English (can write and read)
  • Be open minded & positive


  • Your organization should be a registered one.
  • Committed towards the promotion of food security and climate change.
  • Willing to promote agriculture and youth entrepreneurship.

Membership Form For Ambasidors